ANNUAL COIN is digital and online Money to Trade/Exchange in Bitcoin, Waves, Ethereum, LTC and many more. Also, you can use Annual Coin to buy digital gold, silver and digital assets. Aim is to support cashless usage all over the world.

The ANNC ecosystem will provide a no-stop service delivery system that will enable ANNC holders to perform and execute daily life transactions according to their financial and service needs.

Annual Coin Exchanges







Hello ANNC communities we are working silently to make ANNC great but due to Nanu.exchage shorting down and our investors or Trader at nanu exchange are contacting me that they can't pay 0.02ETH to withdraw their ANNC from nanu. So we have a master plan to grow ANNC and the plan is to swap ANNC before listed on another exchange. It is a shame that we have no investor from Excoincial exchange and that is okay to make the swap easy. 



So if you have ANNC on nanu exchange don't plan to withdraw it just screenshot your balance and send it to @Annualcoinceo that will make it easier to do the swap manually. 


For those who bought from me have contacted them one by one before this announcement and for Airdropers we will announce how your own swap is going to be. 


The funny and sweet part of it is the swap is going to be ratio 20,000:1. And the price is going to be $60 per one to maintain the same price ANNC is now.


The new exchange is VinDAX and Hotbit for now stay tuned.


If you wanted to buy new ANNC at $50 before listed on Vindax contact me at @Annualcoinceo. 

Total supply of new ANNC is 6,000ANNC ONLY. so buy now before is too late.


We are sorry for the inconvenience.


ANNC; working together to make the difference.

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